vrijdag 31 oktober 2008


This picture of me +

this book of Barbapapa +

this journaling:
I had a wonderful happy childhood! I was loved by my parents and they told me that I was a sweet, creative, easy going and modest child. But believe me: I wasn't that modest and unselfish at all, as my childhood wish was to have my own Barbapapa. And if you know this wonderful pink creature who could form his body into any shape (any shape!) you understand that I wanted to have it all. Oh just IMAGINE how I would have been the happiest girl alive! Playing all day long...

= my take on the IMAGINE challenge of One Little Word.

I just love this inspiring site and even more now our own Revlie has joined the DT!!! Congrats girl!!

We planned a fun weekend. Tonight Tim has his first schoolclass-party and will be the DJ. Saturday we'll have dinner with our neighbours at a Halloween restaurant and on Sunday we'll celebrate Tonie's birthday with a afternoon tea. So I'll spend a lot of time in my kitchen baking muffins and making sandwiches.

Enjoy! Petra

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Anoniem zei

a lot of pleasure the coming days,

groetjes Wies

Birgit zei

Oh Petra wat een ontzettend leuke LO! Sweet memories, ook ik was een Barbapapa fan! :)
Fijn weekend!!

Danielle Muit zei

Wat 'n gave LO Petra, echt heel leuk!! Fijn weekend, Danielle

Jeanet zei

Petra bedankt voor je welkom in blogland :)en je leuke reactie!
Ontzettend mooie Lo over Barbapapa!
De foto is ook zo mooi van jou!
Weer geweldig gemaaakt Petra!
Oh en natuurlijk alsnog van harte gefeliciteerd met je Antonie!
Fijn weekend!

M@risk@ zei

Wat is ie leuk. Nog een Barbapapa fan van vroeger en vorig jaar heb ik mijn nichtje een video meegegeven naar Nieuw Zeeland. Fijn weekend en alvast van harte.

Aline zei

Wow, Petra, this is just amazing! So fun and creative!

Liesbeth zei

Die Barbapapa layout is echt fantastisch - heb je al op OLW gekeken? Hij staat tussen de favorieten!
Goed hé van Revlie... welverdiend en het maakt de challenges alleen maar beter!

Birgit zei

Hee it's me again! :)
You're tagged, have a look at my blog :)