vrijdag 30 mei 2008


Vandaag is het precies een jaar geleden dat ik mijn eerste blogbericht schreef. Inmiddels ben ik 96 berichten en ruim 5500 bezoekers verder. Super leuk! Maar ik ben erg nieuwsgierig naar wie er allemaal meelezen over mijn scrapleven. Dus laat een berichtje achter en dan verloot ik volgende week vrijdag een scrap-cadeautje. Ik zal Tim en Thomas inschakelen om ervoor te zorgen dat er een eerlijke winnaar wordt geloot!
Today I celebrate my first blog-birthday! One year ago I started blogging and after 96 messages and over 5500 visitors I really would love to "meet you " (and yes the lurkers too) and find out who is reading about my scrapping life. So if you leave a comment this week I'll ask my boys to pick a winner next Friday and I'll send her a nice little RAK!

De uitdagingen van One Little Word zijn een echte verslaving aan het worden. Daar maak ik tijd voor! Deze keer heb ik het woord THINK gebruikt voor een grappige uitspraak van Thomas. Hij vroeg of ik mee ging kikkervisjes zoeken en gewapend met een emmer en schepnet gingen we op pad. Maar al bij de 3e keer scheppen ging het helemaal mis en brak de stok van het schepnet in twee├źn. Lachen natuurlijk!
The challenges of One Little Word have become a "must-do". I make time to scrap those words and I love it! This time I used the word THINK for something funny Thomas said when he went looking for tadpoles. He askes me to come along so we took a bucket and a landing-net but when we arrived at the puddle the stick of his net broke within 3 attempts. LOL!

De layout heb ik gemaakt met het papier en de letters van de juni kit van Scrap-Club!! I used the papers and letter from the June kit of Scrap-Club!!

maandag 26 mei 2008

Family day and almost RAK time

Mijn vader is afgelopen zondag 69 jaar geworden. Omdat we rond vaderdag en moederdag een familiedag plannen was dit een leuke datum om met z'n allen op stap te gaan. Dit jaar hebben we gekozen voor Ouwehands Dierenpark in Rhenen. Een geweldig leuke dag en het weer was ook veel beter dan voorspelt! Het leuke van deze dierentuin is dat je dicht bij de dieren kunt komen (mooie foto's!!) maar bij de kinderen was de RavotAapia helemaal favoriet. Een grote klim- en speelhal. Thomas wil het liefst volgend weekend weer naar Rhenen!
Voor mijn vader heb ik een Basic Grey mini album gemaakt met bladzijden voor iedereen en zelfgeknipte dieren embellishments. Nu alleen nog foto's uitkiezen.
My dad celebrated his 69th birthday yesterday. We also had our annual familyday so we went to the Ouwehands Zoo and had a great time. Even the weather was much better than forecasted! The kids loved the animals but the "RavotAapia", a huge playground, was their favourite! Thomas wants to go again next weekend!
I made a Basic Grey mini album for my dad with pages for everyone and decorated them with paperpiecing animals. Now we only have to add the pictures.

De kinderen zijn begonnen aan de avondvierdaagse, 4 avonden 7.5 kilometer. Thomas heeft op de eerste avond al blaren gelopen en het lidteken op zijn voet zag er niet goed uit. Ik hoop dat hij het uit kan lopen. (Het ijsje van oma na afloop viel wel in de smaak!)
The kids started with the "avondvierdaagse", they have to walk 7.5 kilometres for 4 days in a row. Thomas already has blisters on his feet and his scarf didn't look very good after the first walk so I hope he will be able to finish. (But he liked the icecream grandma bought him afterwards!!)

Het is nu bijna een jaar geleden dat ik ben begonnen met bloggen. Tijd voor een RAK! Later deze week meer daarover!

And please stay tuned, it's almost a year since I started my blog so I will give a RAK to someone later this week to celebrate!!!!

dinsdag 20 mei 2008

June kit Scrap-Club

This is what I made with the June kit of Scrap-Club, the layouts and the details. Featuring Pink Paislee and a some Basic Grey. Visit Scrap-Club and see what Monique and Nili created with this gorgeous kit. You're gonna love it and want to have a kit yourself!

These Pink Paislee papers are so very beautiful! I loved them!! I used embossing powder instead of chalk for the edges of the dotted paper. I like the effect but I also made our fire alarm go off .... The pictures are taken on Mothersday when my little nephew Thijs wanted to pose for me. The journaling is printed on a piece of paper from an old book and says: You took our little photo shoot so serious and wanted to see each picture before I could take the next. But no matter how serious you try to look, to me you are nothing but cute.

The pattern from this Basic Grey paper repeats a few times. So I placed a curve on a piece of cardboard to make it stand out a little bit more. The brads from the kit are gorgeous! I printed the quote directly on the picture leaving a blank space for the word friends. Majola and I started out as colleagues and we are friends for over 20 years now! I'm also the godmother of her youngest daughter Maddy.This is the quote I used: The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. I love this quote because even when we see eachother not as often as I would like it always feels very "comfortable" when we meet again.

Isn't she adorable: little baby Sophie. I used this month's sketch and the papers and the letters from the kit. I added the flower, a page of a French dictionary (with the name Sophie on it!) and a cute image from a magazine advertisement.

I made this wall hanger with the mini album from the kit for my colleague Anja who gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter. This was the announcement card.

I used a Lehmann & Weber pen and neocolor wax pastels to create this effect on the chipboard.
I really enjoyed my weekend because of this kit!
What I didn't enjoy was our visit to the doctor yesterday. The stitches had to be removed from Thomas' foot. After 45 minutes of trying (everything, even bribe and negotiate...) we had to hold him with 4 adults so the stitches finally could be removed. Can you imagine how he screamed of fear... I felt so bad afterwards.....

donderdag 15 mei 2008

enjoy TODAY

The kids had their traditional sporting-day which is played with all the primary schools of Zutphen. That means that 2000 (!) children competed in different games. The weather was wonderful and we had a nice day even though Thomas couldn't participate because of the injury on his foot. He really felt sorry that he couldn't play along on his first school-sporting-day.

But this he could try (still on my slippers):

I also made a layout for the OLW challenge word TODAY. I didn't have time to make something with the word BEST and felt bad about that, so from now on I just have to make time for these challenges as I like it that the girls of OLW make me create layouts I otherwise never would have made! The beautiful girl in the picture is Maddy. I'm her godmother and took this picture of her on our last visit. She's really special!

This is the quote I used for this layout:
Life is too short.
Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness.
Laugh when you can,
apologize when you should
and let go of what you can't change.
Love deeply and forgive quickly.
Life is too short to be unhappy.
You have to take the good with the bad.
Smile when you're sad.
Love what you got
and always remember what you had.
Forgive, but never forget.
Learn from your mistakes,
but never regret.
People change and things go wrong
but always remember
life goes on.
Love the people who treat you right,
forget about the ones who don't
and believe that everything happens for a reason.
If you get a chance, take it.
If it changes your life, let it.
Nobody said it would be easy,
they just promised it would be worth it.
dear Maddy
Live, love, enjoy
May 2008

dinsdag 13 mei 2008

About presents and first aid

I got spoiled by Christiane. With the last kit from Scrap-Club she made a gorgeous doorhanger and I begged ..... if I could have it. Last weekend I received a package from her with the door hanger in it. Thanks sweety, you're the best. It's so great to see the details and handcutted flowers! Awesome. And now I'm the proud owner of an original Christiane Muller!!!!!

Adriana has sent the June kit filled with Pink Paisley,
some Basic Grey and Sassafras. I don't know how she does it but she sure has a talent to create great kits for Scrap-Club every month again!

On Mothersday I got spoiled too with heartshaped beads for my Pandora bracelet from the boys and a great barbeque/grill/skottel from Tonie. So I don't have to tell you what we had for dinner ;) In the morning we went to Tonie's mother and in the afternoon my mother, father, brother, sister-in-law and little nephews came to our home. The boys made a wooden tunnel for our rabit which turned out to be a very creative design....
and little Thijs discovered a little ant.

So we had a very nice vacation but on the last day we went to a lake where the boys could swim. After half an hour Thomas came out of the water crying. He hurted his foot so bad (a cut from a rock or a piece of glass I think) that we had to take him to the first aid right away. At the hospital they had to stick a needle into his foot to give him anaesthesia 5 times and everytime he screamed so loud that I still get goosebumps when I think of it. Meanwhile I tried to distract him by telling the story of 101 Dalmatians. He has 3 stitches (?) now and went to school on my fleece-slippers which was rather embarrassing according to Thomas. My poor boy. I felt so sorry for him especially because the doctor told him that he would only feel the first needle. No way!

Meanwhile I didn't have had much time to scrap this weekend but I got started and hope to show you some sneaks real soon!
Hugs Petra

donderdag 1 mei 2008

One little word GROW

I love the one little word challenges! This is my take on the word GROW.

De kinderen (en ik) hebben vakantie. Heerlijk. Zondag zijn we bij vrienden in Bruinisse geweest. Eindelijk mijn petekind Maddy weer gezien. Bijgekletst en ontzettend verbrand. Oma heeft ons maandag getracteerd op de film en de MacDonalds. Ons buurmeisje heeft een nachtje gelogeerd. We zijn met Maggie en Max naar de rommelmarkt in het Goffertpark in Nijmegen geweest (onze Koninginnedag traditie) en daar hebben we veel leuke spullen gevonden. Vandaag hebben we gefietst, hutten gebouwd in het bos en geschuild voor de regen, de hagel en het onweer.
Veel gedaan maar weinig gescrapt. Ik heb wel op de rommelmarkt voor € 0,50 een leuke houten organizer voor op mijn scrapbureau gekocht. Leuk om te alteren.