zondag 26 oktober 2008

Ready for some pictures?

I mean: a lot of pictures as I still didn't find time to upload my blog last week. So I just have to overload you with all the pictures of my kit work ;)
We had a busy week. My friend Barbara came over on Monday. She'll develop a new site for Aqua, the business of Antonie. She started her own business called textPRenzo for copywriting, translations, design etc. You might have seen her layouts on Scrap-Club (barb69). You can find her site here. And of course we ended talking about scrapbooking ;)
On Tuesday we had a "praat-kijk-avond" at Thomas' school. We could see everything he's working on at the moment and have a little talk with his teacher "juf Hannie". So good to hear that he's doing just fine! He's in group 6 now and that means that he has to make homework, hahaha. He's not so happy with that! But for his first test: topography of the province of Friesland he scored an 11. Hehe! Not a 10 but an 11! Clever boy, now he knows why he has to do his homework ;)
Wednesday I had to do some shopping and make homework as I had to know the Greek alphabet. Let me tell you: it's difficult and confusing. Our letter r is spelled as a p, our letter m is spelled as u and the shapes of some letters are so difficult that I tried over and over to make to right swirls. But it's fun and I love the stories that go with this course. (I didn't love the grammar.)
The next day Tim took 5 of his classmates home to discuss the party they are organizing for Halloween. (= a lot of discussion and a few decisions, whahaha) Then our hairdresser came over to give everybody a haircut. Which was becoming quite a necessity.... And I had to see part 2 of House. Love that series!! And yes, I needed the tissues too.
So by the time it was Friday I did my groceries, waved my boys goodbye, prepared a quick dinner and I found myself in the chair watching the DVD of Maid of Honour with Patrick Dempsey. That movie was just right after this week!
The weekend was filled with fun visits and a lot (I mean A LOT) laundry.
I started to work on a scrapbook for the adorable babygirl of my nephew and niece. My niece became very very ill after giving birth to Lisa and she has a long way to go before she´ll feel good again. My aunt took (and takes) care a lot of her granddaughter and as she always gives me the most beautiful old stuff I promised her to help with a special baby album (with space to journal.) Also I have to think what to make for my parents. They´ll celebrate their 45th weddingday in November so I have to come up with something nice real soon. Any tips?
But here are (finally) my pictures of the November kit of Scrap-Club. I had a blast with this gorgeous kit filled with Fancy Pants papers and yummie goodies!! Really one of my favorite kits so far!!!

Thanks for looking and have a nice week!!

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Astrid zei

ZO een drukke week gehad! EN je hebt zoveel gemaakt met de kit, je hebt het helemaal uitgeknepen, of niet ;) Ik heb de kit maar niet aangeschaft, abbomenent was al weer op. Ik heb echt zo veel liggen, moet ik eerst iets van op maken en ik heb ook al een abbo. op een andere kit uit de US. Maar de verleiding was groot, dus toch maar wat van het papier besteld :)
Prettige week!

socialbutterfly zei

oh my, this is anmazing work, petra!! love it!!

peata zei

great projects.
love the mini book

making mini scrapbooks
mini album blog

Jeanet zei

Hoi Petra,
Nou..jij bent echt lekker druk dus!
Ik vind je layouts allemaal weer prachtig!
Ben zelf nu bezig met jouw sketch!Die vind ik ook superleuk!
Moet ém nog even wat bijwerken en dan de foto maken!
Fijne week!

lililali zei

love it all!

Birgit zei

Prachtig allemaal Petra!! Vooral die LO met de boom... wow!!