vrijdag 27 februari 2009


Hi there! Our vacation is already over for a week, last Friday I celebrated my 42nd birthday and we spend a great Sunday in the province Drenthe. I didn't even upload my work with the last Scrap-Club kit yet, so first things first > here they are:

This one was made with my sketch for the gorgeous March kit, I really love the AC stuff and the Ali Edwards embellies that are in this kit!

For this layout I used quick drying spray paint which was really cool to do!

Who says (besides Tim) that pink is not for boys-layouts ;)

And I made 5 cards because I love to send a handmade card.

For my BIl and SIL who moved to a new home where my SIL is able to use her wheelchair after her stroke. She can't use her left side so life has changed for them big time. I hope they both find happiness and balance in their new home.

I added a piece of textured wallpaper to this card.

My birthday started early last Friday. Tonie and the boys sang "Happy Birthday" to me at 06.30 hours. Pfff ;)
Then Thomas didn't know anymore where he hide his present for me, a stone chicken for my garden table. Whahahahaha, he was almost in tears my little guy, so I told him not to worry and that I was sure that we would find it again. A few hours later we did: in my cycle-bag :)

I got spoiled that day and a lot of friends and family visited.
Also on Saturday friends came over and I loved seeing them again.
Sunday we drove to the province Drenthe to see the hunebedden (dolmens) and museum
at Borger and the toy museum at Roden.
There where not as much technical toys were the boys could play with as we hoped for but their toy collection was nevertheless very beautiful.
and Tim had a blast riding on an old-fashioned bike. I converted the picture with a link I found on Christiane's blog.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

dinsdag 17 februari 2009


Here's my take on the OLW challenge fun. It's a picture I took of the kids on our last vacation in the Czech Republic. The journaling:

I couldn’t help myself thinking,
just before the start
of the guided tour through
the castle Pernstein:
Are we in big trouble
or are we going to have FUN?

By the way: we did have (a little) trouble 'cause a guided tour is not that fun for a 3-year-old .... but it was absolutely great to see the beautiful interior of this castle ;)

zaterdag 14 februari 2009


This weekend is quiet over here, I miss the kids who are spending half the vacation with their father. It simply feels different when I know that they won't be home on Sunday but on Wednesday. I'll go to our friends place tomorrow so I can hug their girls for a while
(= compensation) and give them the babyalbum. I can't wait to see their reaction. I finished the last page with information about the month Manon is born.

I'm also having big fun with the new kit from SCRAP-Club. Love it! I finished 3 layouts by now so I'll show you some sneakies:

Now I'm off making something to eat for Tonie, always hungry that man ;)
Have a nice weekend and a nice Valentines Day. Tonie called me this afternoon: "I have to work a little bit longer as expected, can you go to the store and buy some flowers for yourself?" Whahahahaha. We don't celebrate Valentines Day (but I do buy flowers for my mom every year ;) !) So, of course, I went to the shop and bought myself a big chicken. Uhhh, yes a big chicken for my gardentable made of stone. Love it!

zondag 8 februari 2009

As promised:

The baby album I made for my friend Corina. She gave birth to a beautiful little girl last month and as a gift I promised her to make an album with the first pictures of Manon. The album is almost finished, I want to make an extra page about the month she was born and I'll make 2 more pages with the pictures of her grandparents (who were all having the flue when she was born....)

I even lifted myself, hahaha, because I made a mini-mini 10x10 cm for her grandmother. The "official" album is made on kraftcardstock 20x20 cm. I really loved working on that size, it's a good combination when you want to use a single photo.

Talking about children: last week I had the opportunity to take a day off. Just for fun and when I called my mom to ask her if we could go shopping together she told me that she just came back from her neighbour who was in tears because she got the message that her 6-year-old grandson has leukaemia. That boy is the son of one of the girls next door I grew up with... It must be so devastating to get news like that... he had to be admitted to the Radboud hospital within 24 hours. His prognosis on survival: 50%. Next week he'll turn 7. My heart breaks when I think of that poor little boy....

Thomas had a great schoolreport! We are so proud. Tomorrow we'll have a 10-minute-conversation with his teacher. Let's hope that she's also pleased/satisfied with him ;)
Also he had a judo exam: he has a yellow with blue judo belt now.
Last Wednesday there was an "open lesson", we were invited to come, watch and take part of the lesson. Tonie took some hours off and Thomas had a blast with Tonie. I have no idea why they call it an "open lesson", I think "open chaos" would be more appropriate.

zaterdag 7 februari 2009

New banner??

No new banner: it's just a part of this layout that I made for the OLW challenge LIVING. Thomas was goofing around with a net of the mandarins that I bought and that's one of the reasons why I love him so much: he truly understands the art of living with a sense of humor ;)

Have fun this weekend! Petra

vrijdag 6 februari 2009


I made a lot of cards with left-overs from the Scrap-Club kits for the tips and techniques post on the Scrap-Club blog. It was fun making these cards and I saved money too ;)

This one I really loved. The effect of the transparancy cover with the rub-ons is so cool IRL!
Try to make one yourself by using the template I made! You'll need a piece of cardstock of 11x22 cm for the inside card.

The new kit from Scrap-Club is already on my desk! Adriana asked the designteam to let her know which new releases from the CHA 2009 we like, and boy there's just so much beautiful new stuff! I can imagine how hard it must be to make a choice. Not that I worry because Adriana ALWAYS makes wonderful kits. But guess what: one of the manufacturers/lines I picked is already in this kit. Lucky me! And lucky you if you get your fingers on one of the March kits! The release date is the 19th!!! You gonna love the Scrap-Club kits in 2009! I'm sure of that!
And do you want to know what's inside this album? I'll let you know this weekend.
First I have to make my OLW layout with the word LIVING!