maandag 26 januari 2009


I was tagged by Monique to list 5 addictions (only 5.... ) so in random order (and besides scrapping and taking pictures) here we go:

- I love old stuff

- I love to read and have always some unread books lying on my shelfs

- Yep, the white ones

- I'm addicted to lipstick, otherwise I find myself biting on my lips all day

- He's makes me laugh

I won't tag 5 other bloggers as I'm not the tagger-type-of-person but if you like: feel free to tag yourself and let me know what your addiction is as I would love to find out about your strange addictions ;)

zondag 25 januari 2009


My goal for 2009 is to make a layout for all the word-challenges at OLW. I really love those little words that make me want to create. (And I hate it when I don't make the deadline.) So that's why I came up with this goal!

Making this layout with the word embrace was very special to me as my friend Corina gave birth to a beautiful little girl 2 weeks ago. I love this picture that I took when I drove her 3-year old to the hospital the next day. Corina and I became friends about 8 years ago when our sons started to play together in group 1 and some friendships are just meant to be....

Today I saw my friend and showed her this layout, when she read the journaling we both had tears in our eyes but that was okay...

we are friends for many years now
I know you care about me as much as I care about you
we laughed and cried together
we share good and bad memories
I know life hasn’t been easy on you
especially because you have to miss your son
that hurts, every day
today I saw how you embraced your daughters
your 3-year old and newborn baby
that moment touched my heart
a moment I will remember forever
because I saw the tears of joy and pain in your eyes

TFL! Petra
By the way: Thomas and I both got antibiotics from our doctor so we're getting a little bit better each day. Which is such a relief ;)
By the way: thanks Monique for your sweet message on your blog. I'll answer the questions tomorrow!

woensdag 21 januari 2009

February kit

Just a quick post and again I'll leave you with a whole lot of pictures to show what a gorgeous kit is available at Scrap-Club this month.
Since last weekend the boys and I have the flue..... so no stories this time.....

TFL! Petra

woensdag 14 januari 2009

Great ways to start the new year with...!

Last Thursday (my OLW take)

Friday (sneak February kit Scrap-Club)



Monday (sneak February kit)

Tuesday (Manon is born!)