dinsdag 13 augustus 2013

OLW fierce & DD

Revlie wrote about being fierce at OLW. A story about her and her little boy that touched me and made me think about the meaning of the word fierce. For me it's about power, the power to change.  I realized that a saying or a quote can be fierce or beautiful and that they have the power to change. After a difficult period I found this label in magazine Flow which was an eye-opener to me. The day before I was watching The Big Bang Theory with Thomas and I laughed so hard that it made me cry as I realized that I could laugh again. That also frightened me because my hurt wasn't gone. So reading that happiness is a form of courage helped me to find the happy in me again!

For Dutch Dares I made this layout about summer. The dare is: de zomer in je bol and everytime that I see this picture of the boys at the sunflower field I remember how extreme hot it was and that we spend the rest of our day at the swimmingpool having a great time instead of going to the zoo. The team made some awesome layouts with fun ideas which I will "scraplift" for the many pictures I took at the cruise we made. Take a look for yourself, and even better: make this dare too so you'll be our next designteam member or win the RAK!

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