donderdag 11 juli 2013


You may call me crazy, but I really would love to be a part of the One Little Word magic, so I made this layout for their DT call which tells why and I hope that my dream will come true..... I know that their are a lot of wonderful scrappers out there which work I admire a lot but sometimes a girl has to do her own crazy things ;-)

My journaling: 

crazy, I guess so.

Just the fact that I hope that you will like my scrap work enough for your team makes me a little crazy. But my motto is: beter gek dan saai, which is Dutch for better crazy than boring! When my boys called me crazy that was my answer as I tried to learn them that is okay to be different or to act spontaneous. Scrapbooking kept me going the last two years as they were hard, very hard because my oldest son left our home to live with his father. I miss him every single day, it hurts every single day. I guess life is more crazy than you can imagine. But life is also beautiful especially when you love scrapbooking. To me it’s a kind of meditation, it keeps me calm. When I’m making a layout, creating something unique with patterns, colors, chalk and embellishments, when I’m working with my hands and heart I’m truly a happy girl. I made my favorite layouts for OLW. Somehow the inspiration of these little words are like magic to me. These words make me a little crazy, crazy enough to try to be a part of the magic ;-)

Also I found a journal from 2002 with little notes about the boys, that was such a great suprise! Sweet little stories that made me scrap pictures from that time again. I already made one for the next Dutch Dare and also this one about Tim, his schoolteacher asked: 15-4= ? and he told me that he was the only one that knew the answer. So the 15-4= PROUD!

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4 opmerkingen:

Margot zei

het zou me niet verbazen als je uitgekozen wordt!

marsha. zei

Leuk!!! Enne: ik ben ook zo crazy dat ik het probeer... Superveel succes gewenst!!!

Astrid zei

O het zijn allebei hele gave LO's Heel veel succes met de DT call, zou zomaar kunnen dat je uitgekozen wordt :)
EN wat leuk dat je de oude uitspraken met oudere foto's van de jongens aan het scrappen ben, heel leuk idee. Wat een schattige foto van Tim trouwens

Colinda zei

Het zijn hele gave LO's, veel succes met de DT-call!!

Groetjes Colinda