zaterdag 14 februari 2009


This weekend is quiet over here, I miss the kids who are spending half the vacation with their father. It simply feels different when I know that they won't be home on Sunday but on Wednesday. I'll go to our friends place tomorrow so I can hug their girls for a while
(= compensation) and give them the babyalbum. I can't wait to see their reaction. I finished the last page with information about the month Manon is born.

I'm also having big fun with the new kit from SCRAP-Club. Love it! I finished 3 layouts by now so I'll show you some sneakies:

Now I'm off making something to eat for Tonie, always hungry that man ;)
Have a nice weekend and a nice Valentines Day. Tonie called me this afternoon: "I have to work a little bit longer as expected, can you go to the store and buy some flowers for yourself?" Whahahahaha. We don't celebrate Valentines Day (but I do buy flowers for my mom every year ;) !) So, of course, I went to the shop and bought myself a big chicken. Uhhh, yes a big chicken for my gardentable made of stone. Love it!

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Jeanet zei

Hoi Petra, geweldige sneakies...kijk alweer uit naar de Kit!
Zelf bloemen kopen!!??...nou ja,je kunt dan in elk geval iets kopen wat je zelf mooi vindt toch!!
Kan me voorstellen dat je je jongens mist!Het is vast snel woensdag ;)