zondag 8 februari 2009

As promised:

The baby album I made for my friend Corina. She gave birth to a beautiful little girl last month and as a gift I promised her to make an album with the first pictures of Manon. The album is almost finished, I want to make an extra page about the month she was born and I'll make 2 more pages with the pictures of her grandparents (who were all having the flue when she was born....)

I even lifted myself, hahaha, because I made a mini-mini 10x10 cm for her grandmother. The "official" album is made on kraftcardstock 20x20 cm. I really loved working on that size, it's a good combination when you want to use a single photo.

Talking about children: last week I had the opportunity to take a day off. Just for fun and when I called my mom to ask her if we could go shopping together she told me that she just came back from her neighbour who was in tears because she got the message that her 6-year-old grandson has leukaemia. That boy is the son of one of the girls next door I grew up with... It must be so devastating to get news like that... he had to be admitted to the Radboud hospital within 24 hours. His prognosis on survival: 50%. Next week he'll turn 7. My heart breaks when I think of that poor little boy....

Thomas had a great schoolreport! We are so proud. Tomorrow we'll have a 10-minute-conversation with his teacher. Let's hope that she's also pleased/satisfied with him ;)
Also he had a judo exam: he has a yellow with blue judo belt now.
Last Wednesday there was an "open lesson", we were invited to come, watch and take part of the lesson. Tonie took some hours off and Thomas had a blast with Tonie. I have no idea why they call it an "open lesson", I think "open chaos" would be more appropriate.

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Astrid zei

Ahhh zo lief, jij bent echt goed in babyalbums!! Wat zal ze er blij mee zijn! Fijn dat het zo goed gaat met Thomas! En wat rot om te horen over dat jongetje met leukemie, dat doet je wel weer even nadenken hoe goed je het zelf hebt!
groetjes Astrid

Jeanet zei

Wow Petra...wat een geweldig mooi album!Echt super!
Prachtig al die details!
Enne feliciteer je zoon met zijn nieuwe kleur judoband ;)Gaaf!

groetjes Jeanet

barbara zei

Oh en ik heb ze in het echt gezien. Vastgehouden en bewonderd. Prachtige albums van een prachtig kindje. Bedankt voor de koffie Petra, kom je binnenkort maar eens terughalen. (thee dan).

M@risk@ zei

Prachtige layouts en zo'n schattig album. Gefeliciteerd met wederom een vermelding in de slideshow van OLW.