donderdag 20 november 2008

December kit and tagged

This is what I created with the December kit of Scrap-Club. Check out what the team made with this so beautiful kit! You'll love the inspiration. The first layout is made with Monique's fun sketch!

Last week I was tagged by Birgit to share some things about myself with you:

Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog. Share 7 facts about yourself, some random some weird. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and link their blogs. Let them know they're tagged by leaving a message on their blogs.

So here we go:
1. As a teenager I wanted to become a teacher but there were hardly any jobs available at that time so I decided to do “something” in tourism. I worked as a travel agent for more than 10 years.

2. I love animals but I’m allergic to them :( So I had dogs and a cat and still have a rabbit. :) Can you imagine that I lived at a riding-school (horses) for more than 10 years…..

3. Tinker Bell is my favorite Disney character. I bought a pink Tinker Bell bag when I was 40 (there was a little girl in the shop at the same moment buying the same bag that looked at me and I’m pretty sure that she was thinking: that’s a weird woman, she’s way too old to buy that bag.) Last week Thomas gave me a Tinker Bell pen (with pixie dust inside!).

4. I don’t drink and I don’t smoke and don’t do anything related to sport. But I love to watch sports on TV! When there’s an event: skating, soccer, the Olympics: the kids have no chance of having the remote control in their hands ;)

5. I love reading and I always have 2 or more unread books lying on my shelf.

6. I hoped for daughters when I was pregnant and I’m SO HAPPY with my sons!

7. Before I die I want to see Mont Saint-Michel in France because that place sounded like magic when my “tourism”-teacher told me about.

Now, I have to tag 7 of you, so Monique, Revlie, Nili, Christiane, Liesbeth, Astrid, and Barbara,
please share some of your random/weird facts with us! :)
I must admit that this is my not so favorite part.... I never ever joined the "kettingbrieven" so please join if you like (I would love to read weird facts about you but if you don't like to be tagged... I'll understand....)

7 opmerkingen:

nili zei

Petra, great job with the kit!!! don't know what was your problem ;) about tagging, thanx but no thanx..hehe...maybe later I will try it but not sure...

Birgit zei

Mooi projecten weer Petra! Leuk dat je meegedaan hebt met de tag! Ik snap precies wat je bedoelt, doe ook nooit mee aan kettingbrieven en al die e-mails die via hyves komen en die je moet doorsturen of terugsturen. Had ik dat wel gedaan dan was ik waarschijnlijk NOG gelukkiger geweest, had ik al heel veel geld gehad en zou ik nooit meer ziek worden... Haha, maar af en toe een tag gaat nog, als 't er maar niet te veel worden! Fijn weekend!

Jeanet zei

Beautiful things you made with the kit again Petra!
Love the cart and the jar!Looks cool the kit, too bad I was to late signing in again :(

socialbutterfly zei

you did such great work with the kit!! love it!!
and it's funny to read the facts about you!!
i hope you won't be angry with me but i told weird things about me several times and i don't like to bore someone.
have a good one!! hugs!!

Morag zei

Petra - loved what you did with the kit, especially the one of your parents using the sketch!

Monique zei

Gaaf wat je met de sketch en de kitspullen hebt gedaan! Bedankt voor de tag maar ik was al getagged en hoe mail ik ben, lees je in mijn laatste post :)
Leuk om die weetjes over jou te lezen!

Lisbet zei

Hi there,

It was a long time since last time. Now I need some inspiration to find something fun to create for christmas. Not only as a present – to dekorate my home to.

Have a great end of november