zondag 1 maart 2009


I'm always glad when the new word on OLW is out: so inspiring that I just "have" to scrapbook ;)

I wanted to use this winterscene without using traditional winter products and this is how it turned out. The cute bird is a drawning from our newspaper ;) I love big old trees and this one seemed to be standing there forever. Last 2 years I could see that this tree had an illness. It was great to shoot pictures of it on a stunning sunrise. I can't remember having feet that cold but it was worthwhile, especially because this tree was felled only 1 week after I took this picture.

5 opmerkingen:

barbara zei

First of all, I am totally in love with that song which starts playing when I open your blog! I have Adele's wonderful CD and this is my favorite song!
Secondly, what a gorgeous LO you made eventually. Much better than on that pink paper! This is so earthy, and the bird suits it so well. A pity it won't be able to sit in that particular tree as it is gone...
Another amazing LO Petra!

Jeanet zei

Great layout Petra,love the picture and the birdies and how you've journaled!


Mika zei

Great lo, OLW is alway's inspiring me for some scrapping. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

Monique zei

Gelukkig dat je er nog zo'n mooie foto van hebt gemaakt en niet te vergeten.... zo'n prachtige layout!!!

Christiane zei

you're inspiring me, petra!! this is great!! :))