dinsdag 13 mei 2008

About presents and first aid

I got spoiled by Christiane. With the last kit from Scrap-Club she made a gorgeous doorhanger and I begged ..... if I could have it. Last weekend I received a package from her with the door hanger in it. Thanks sweety, you're the best. It's so great to see the details and handcutted flowers! Awesome. And now I'm the proud owner of an original Christiane Muller!!!!!

Adriana has sent the June kit filled with Pink Paisley,
some Basic Grey and Sassafras. I don't know how she does it but she sure has a talent to create great kits for Scrap-Club every month again!

On Mothersday I got spoiled too with heartshaped beads for my Pandora bracelet from the boys and a great barbeque/grill/skottel from Tonie. So I don't have to tell you what we had for dinner ;) In the morning we went to Tonie's mother and in the afternoon my mother, father, brother, sister-in-law and little nephews came to our home. The boys made a wooden tunnel for our rabit which turned out to be a very creative design....
and little Thijs discovered a little ant.

So we had a very nice vacation but on the last day we went to a lake where the boys could swim. After half an hour Thomas came out of the water crying. He hurted his foot so bad (a cut from a rock or a piece of glass I think) that we had to take him to the first aid right away. At the hospital they had to stick a needle into his foot to give him anaesthesia 5 times and everytime he screamed so loud that I still get goosebumps when I think of it. Meanwhile I tried to distract him by telling the story of 101 Dalmatians. He has 3 stitches (?) now and went to school on my fleece-slippers which was rather embarrassing according to Thomas. My poor boy. I felt so sorry for him especially because the doctor told him that he would only feel the first needle. No way!

Meanwhile I didn't have had much time to scrap this weekend but I got started and hope to show you some sneaks real soon!
Hugs Petra

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Astrid zei

Hi Petra, zo jij bent een geluksvogel! Verwend door Christiane en je jongens!
Je kaart was helemaal perfect op tijd, hartstikke bedankt, erg leuk! Ik heb her erg druk dus ik had je nog niet bedankt. Morgen gaan we een weekend weg met m'n ouders (en zus) omdat ze 40 jaar getrouwd zijn, we gaan naar Texel. Ik heb een minialbum gemaakt over hun leven, dat was een hoop werk... Ik heb de mei SC kit gebruikt, ik hoop dat ze het leuk vinden, ik ben er erg tevreden over iig.

groetjes Astrid

Astrid zei

En wens Thomas beterschap, wat vervelend voor hem, kan mij voorstellen dat je moederhart dan pijn doet

M@risk@ zei

Fantastisch om zo verwend te worden. Je Grow layout is te gek en verdiend dat ie in de gallerij staat. Succes met je kitwerk.

D@nielle zei

lucky you, that's such a cute sign. Hope thomas booboo is over soon !

Monique zei

Hee bofkont!!! Wat gaaf dat jij die ├ęcht Christiane M. hebt!!! En ook nog eens zo lekker verwend met moederdag; wat lief allemaal! En wat een pech voor Thomas zeg. Houd het been maar goed in de gaten... dat het niet dik wordt ofzo want een wond aan de voet is geen pretje.